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I'm a digital DJ and producer in my spare time, using Traktor DJ Studio for mixing. If you're looking to get into DJing with digital music files, then I can't recommend Traktor highly enough, for its versatility, ease of use and stability as a live mixing platform. Now enhanced with 4 decks plus very effective effects(!). 

About My Site

This site is where you will find all my mixes and productions. Use the links on the left to navigate.

In the Tunes section, you'll find Originals, Remixes, Boots and Mini-Mixes. 

The mini-mixes are dance tracks that have been built up from snippets of other tracks, filtered, looped and layered by several passes through Traktor. 

The boots tend to be more straightforward a capella + instrumental combinations. Most have been created in Kristal Audio Engine, though Traktor had an input in tempo-matching and time stretching. I have also started getting into additional production on the boots, using Propellerheads Reason software (an excellent package, simple to start with but the deeper you go, the more you find). 

The Remixes and Originals are the logical extension of this additional production work. I'm happy to have a crack at your tunes, just send us the parts and give me some time.

In the Mixes section you'll find full-length mixes, mixed live using Traktor Studio v3. 

Enjoy, and feel free to drop me a line if you want any more information. I'm gingersteve, and I am at gingersteve.co.uk.