Here is a list of places I think are worth visiting

Calabash Music :: Tune Your World

Id.EOLOGY  Netlabel, with very funky tunes indeed.
BEVLAR/BEVLAR USER   Another Netlabel, more focused on dancefloor pounders than Id.EOLOGY. Sadly now ceased to release more tunes
EPSILON LAB   Netlabel again, some cracking electro house, deep and minimal stuff on here. Home of Eloi Brunelle (check him)
Get Your Bootleg On The best forum for boots, remixes & original work. And nonsense.
Culture Deluxe Another great site. No boots anymore but a good resource for current music.
Beatmixed Bootleg based blog by DJ/Remixer Matt Hite. A very useful resource for all things mashymixy
Bootlegsfr.com  A quality-controlled boot site, based in France.
DJSpenny's archive An instrumental and acapella archive. Sign up for 10 free downloads.
STOMPY My current favourite for the music downloads. Very funky stuff indeed, 320kbps and cheap as chips.
DJ DOWNLOAD   Another good choice for dance tunes. If it ain't on Stompy, go here and pay a little bit more (but not as much as skanking Beatport)
Dunproofin'  A top booter & remixer, mainly breaks/dance but has been diversifying of late
Lionel Vinyl Another top booter & remixer, aka Fake ID, Gloomybear, one half of half.arsed.beats. Likes it breaksy.
BEATPORT HAS BEEN REMOVED. They have started charging higher prices to British customers than European and American ones. This is not on.