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We Got The Stuff 2 Move Ya  - Second original. A bit full on. Funky



Indecision  - my first original. Dirty beats/electronica




Bangguru - Another 80's (Gingersteve's Disco Dub) - A remix for a band on netlabel IdEOLOGY, made by request! (woohoo!)


Trick & Kubic - Easy (Gingersteve Remix) - Another failed entry to a Remix comp :(


Bedtime for Toys - Killing Rattlesnakes (Gingersteve Remix) - One for the failed remix comp collection!


P@p@ W@s @ R*lling St*ne - The Tempt@tions' classic given the Gingersteve treatment




You Wanna Put The Fire Out? - Beverly Knight vs Ramsey Lewis. Bluesy breaksy R&B.

Beverly Knight (Keep This Fire Burning) vs Ramsey Lewis (Do What You Wanna (Mr Scruff Soul Party Mix)


Fighting Cuban Temptations  - M*ssy E & Bey*nce vs Cubalooba. A real party stormer, thanks to Cubalooba on Afro Art

M*ssy  E & Bey*nce (Fighting Temptations) vs Cubalooba (Cubalooba)


The Krays Fascinate Me (Chorusless Dub)  - M*rrissey vs R@ven M@ize, chorus replaced with guitarry bits

M*rrissey  (The Last of the Famous International Playboys) vs R@ven M@ize (Fascinated (Joey Negro Remix))


African Beasties  - The ageing rappers travel to Africa

Beastie Boys  (We Got The) vs Luke Howard (Hi Life) with a bit of Steven King (African Soul (Dr Kucho! Remix))


Slyde in the River  - Alis*n Kr@uss & Friends on Vox, Slyde on Breakbeat pressure

Alison Kr@uss et al  (Down in the River) vs Slyde (That's It)


The Krays Fascinate Me  - M*rrissey vs R@ven M@ize, done for someone's aborted joke project

M*rrissey  (The Last of the Famous International Playboys) vs R@ven M@ize (Fascinated (Joey Negro Remix))


Sidewalk Male  - M@donn@ on backing vocals and R*yksopp on Tuneage

R*yksopp  (Alpha Male) vs Jellybe@n ft Catherine Buchannan & M@donn@ (Sidewalk Talk)


Airy Fairy Mary Carey  - M@ri@ C@rey on  vocals and Pentatonik providing the chilled vibe

M@riah C@rey  (It's Like That) vs Pentatonik (Credo)


Loleatta's Dust  - A dubby, bassy sax tinged big diva excursion

Lole@tt@ Hollow@y (What Goes Around Comes Around) vs Red Snapper (Fatboy's Dust)


Dancing Queen Machine (Vocal Mix)  - Now with more abba

J@mes Br*wn (Sex Machine) vs @bb@ (Dancing Queen) vs Gingersteve (Beats, Sounds, FX)


Dancing Queen Machine  - My first effort at additional production, using Reason

J@mes Br*wn (Sex Machine) vs @bb@ (Dancing Queen) vs Gingersteve (Beats, Sounds, FX)


Hidden Tentacles - Psychedelic Icelandic Dub

Bj*rk (Hidden Place) vs Ozric Tentacles (Feng Shui)


Scruffy Message - Old Skool Rap with a big smile on its face

Gr@ndmaster Fl@sh & The Furi*us Five (The Message) vs Mr Scruff (Blackpool Roll)


Bad Mink Habit - Electro/80s/breakbeat with a big diva vocal

Fake ID (Mink) vs ATFC (Bad Habit)


Chico's Witness - Big Beats and Rap Manuvas

R**ts M@nuv@ (Witness) vs The Chemic@l Br*thers (Chico's Groove)


Finally On The Choctaw Hayride - Old School House in a Barn Dance Styley

Ce Ce P*nniston (Finally) vs Uni*n St@tion (Choctaw Hayride)


Love's Sexual Healing Theme - Battle of the Soul Gods

M@rvin G@ye (Sexual Healing) vs B@rry Wh*te (Love's Theme)


Do The Swank Thing - late 80s rap never sounded so good!

Redhe@d K*ngpin & The FBI  (Do the Right Thing) vs Red Snapper (Swank) vs B@sement J@xx (Do Your Thing)


A Deeper Hype - A Full on Funky Diva Excursion

@reth@ Fr@nklin  (A Deeper Love) vs Jun*or J@ck (Da Hype)


Thing Surfing.mp3 - Where Brighton meets Brixton.

F@tboy Sl*m (Soul Surfing) vs B@sement J@xx (Do Your Thing)



         Ooh Hustle Babybell.mp3 (12Mb) - One 4 the ladies! Disco House action featuring:

  B@rry Wh*te (What am I gonna do with you?), 

V@n McC*y (The Hustle),  Anita Ward (Ring my Bell),  

J*ey N*gro & The Sunb*rst B@nd (Here Comes the Sunburst Band), 

 H@k@n L*dbo feat 2MHz (Bad Boys Go to Hell - Phunk Investigation Club Mix)


  Ooh Hustle Babybell (Glitterball Mix).mp3 (11Mb) - A Revamped, more disco-fuelled version 

 Rhythm section (J*ey N*gro/H@k@n L*dbo) replaced by

 Brend@ F@ssie (Msindo - G*rd's Midtempo Mix) and T@te's Pl@ce (Burnin' - J@zz@nov@ Mix)


  I'm in love with sax.mp3 (10Mb) - A big room house monster - loops from:

  M@W feat Indi@ (To be in Love), T*m Deluxe (We all love Sax),

  Nom@rema (Sthandwa), D*sted (Want U)


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